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Pixel Pattern Technique Texture tutorial by Team Photoshop

Learn the simple technique involved in overlaying a pixel pattern on top of a image.

January 3, 2006 1235 views ratings

Instant Texture Texture tutorial by Team Photoshop

We show you how the texture filter works and how you can apply it to your images.

December 20, 2005 1096 views ratings

Advanced Seamless Texture Texture tutorial by Biorust

This is an advanced method for making seamlessly tiling textures. If you are a newbie in Photoshop and can get away with it, the more traditional method may be for you. If, however, you need more precise control or your texture is troublesomely complex, then read on!

November 8, 2005 1079 views ratings

Brick Wall Texture tutorial by Entheos

Learn how to create a brick wall texture finish using Photoshop. Change your background to a brick wall.

October 24, 2005 1221 views ratings

Symmetrical Patterns Texture tutorial by

Simple symmetrical tileable pattern done with a brushed effect.

October 4, 2005 1175 views ratings

Table Wood Texture tutorial by

Create that perfect piece of rendered table wood.

October 1, 2005 1000 views ratings

Army Camo Pattern Texture tutorial by

Learn to create this army camo texture pattern.

September 28, 2005 2067 views ratings

Patterns Texture tutorial by vXd|Troub\e

This tutorial is going to show you how to add patterns and styles to sigs like this one

August 31, 2005 1174 views ratings

Pixel Patterns Texture tutorial by PurePhotoshop

In this article we will go through some basic methods used to create some very nice patterns.

July 28, 2005 1035 views ratings

Sand Texture tutorial by Ifreal

Create a realistic sand texture with this quick tutorial

July 24, 2005 1238 views ratings

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